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Drone Inspections

5280 Aerial Solutions Inc provides comprehensive drone inspection services to help you survey hard-to-reach and difficult-to-access areas. Using state-of-the-art technology like thermal imaging and 2D and 3D mapping, we give you a complete birds-eye view of your surroundings to improve safety, enhance efficiency, and reduce downtime.

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Comprehensive Drone Inspection Services

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are transforming the way countless industries operate. Heavy industry, infrastructure, agricultural technology: All depend on drones for comprehensive and effective machinery inspections.

At 5280 Aerial Solutions Inc, we combine years of experience with extensive training to offer the cutting edge in drone inspection services. Fully certified with Part 107 Remote Pilot Licenses, our team provides prompt and efficient inspections to give you a complete birds-eye view of your operations. Whether you need cell towers, oil and gas infrastructure, or a power line inspected, we have you covered.

Our drone inspection services offer:

  • Data-driven inspection reports
  • Infrared and thermal imaging technology
  • High-definition video and picture capturing
  • 2D and 3D aerial imaging
  • …and more

Our services help energy firms, property developers, and industry partners achieve their targets and improve safety and efficiency. Many businesses have opted for annual or biannual drone inspections. They know it’s a cost-effective and reliable way to safeguard their operations and protect staff, clients, and stakeholders alike. To learn more about our inspection services, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Aerial Drone Imaging and Mapping

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inspections provide a unique opportunity to map and image structures with minimal downtime. 5280 Aerial Solutions Inc offers a range of thermal imaging, 2D and 3D mapping, and topographic tools to give you a complete picture of how your operations are performing. Whether you need to capture a detailed photo of a large expanse of land or detect leaks in pipelines, our drone technology has you covered.

Sectors served:

  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and gas
  • Solar and wind
  • Farming and agriculture
  • Mining
  • Power and utility
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • Public safety

Our continual investment in the latest tools and technology allows us to safely inspect a range of systems, including windmills, boilers, pipelines, cooler towers, power lines, electrical equipment, storage tanks, and more.

Confined-Space Drone Inspections

Inspecting confined spaces can be difficult, but not with us. Our use of drone technology makes it faster, simpler, and safer for you to perform safety inspections in small, hard-to-reach spaces such as pipelines, storage tanks, and energy plants.

With our services, you can eliminate the risks of in-person manual inspections, keep machinery running, and avoid unsafe working conditions for on-site staff. Take advantage, and contact us to book an inspection today.

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Fast turnarounds. Accurate results. Superior diagnostics. Our drone inspections combine all three, giving you the most efficient and reliable inspection service available. Enjoy a safer and better-functioning worksite, and enlist our services today.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our services and work history. To get started, contact us today to book a no-obligation consultation.

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